Request to Apply for Funding
    2022 Grant Year

                                           Request needs to be submitted by July 1, 2021

Please Note: Because funds are limited, requests for personnel, overhead, or capital expenditures such as equipment, vehicles, and facility purchase or renovations are discouraged.

Disclaimer: To receive funds, agencies must qualify as tax exempt under federal law, be a 501c3 in the State of Indiana or Illinois, be a health and / or human services organization, meet financial reporting requirements (as requested by the United Way grant application), and comply with the provisions for Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Terrorism Compliance Measures and comply with terms of the grant applications.

                                             Why are we asking you to do this?

The Request to Apply for Funding allows the United Way of Knox County and Crawford Count to identify the organizations and programs that will request funding prior to entering into our annual campaign each year.  Prior knowledge will allow the UW to set goals, promote agencies ( in both written and verbal marketing), and enable our committee members to improve upon due diligence by personally familiarizing themselves with the organizations with which the UW partners.  The UW is working to build a stronger community by funding the creation or enhancement of programs that address the needs of our community.  Input from community members, contributors, and volunteers affirm the value our community places on these issues. We are in the process of developing strategies to improve in these areas ad to implement community-minded metrics to monitor progress.  We apprecite your request and look forward to identifying how your program aligns with the aspirations of our community.

                                    Organization and Program Information