Knox County Partner Agencies

Knox County Partner Agencies

Knox County United Way Partner Agencies

The United Way of Knox County partners with agencies supporting the health and human services and programs they provide  These agencies apply annually for grant funds that are allocated by a committee of our board of directors. To find out more about a specific partner agency, click on the links below.  If you want to apply for funding please review our granting overview and complete a Request to Apply. 

Access to Health (GSH Foundation)
520 S 7th St., Vincennes, 812/882-5220
Assists clients with transportation needs to keep them connected to outpatient services and deflect them from emergency rooms and urgent care. 

American Red Cross
29 Stockwell Rd., Evansville, 812/471-7200
Emergency services on 24-hour basis with crisis like home fires and other emergency and disaster funds.  Also assists with Military Families. 

Angelworx - Generations
P.O. Box 314, Vincennes, 812/885-5146
Coordinates Senior Volunteers to assist with various projects through out the county. 

606 N. 5th St., Vincennes, 812/882-2720
Voucher program that provides needed infant and toddler supplies to parents who earn credit by keeping current with medical and nutritional needs of their children.

Backpacks for Love
1712 S. Quail Rd., Vincennes,
Nutrition on the weekend program for identified youth needing food support for their families.

Bettye. J. McCormick Senior Center
2009 Prospect Ave., Vincennes, 812/882-2285
Provides for the nutritional needs of Knox county seniors in need of basic support in the community.

Boy Scouts of America
3501 E. Lloyd Expressway, Evansville, 812/423-5246
Educational programs for youth of all ages in the Knox County area connected to scouting.

Blue Jean Center
1242 Main St., Monroe City, 812/743-2393
Provides numerous supports for food, supplies, and basic needs to individuals and families in the South Knox area.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
112 N. 7th St., Vincennes, 812/882-2108
Provides needed advocates for Children who are wards of the county dealing with abuse and neglect.

CFS Substance Abuse Prevention Program
105 Broadway, Vincennes, 812/886-4470
Training of prevention specialists with the Triple P parenting program to especially at-risk families and youth.

Family Health Center
1027 Washington Ave., Vincennes, 812/885-8585
Provides comprehensive health and mental health services to those who are uninsured.

Grow Up With GSH
520 S. 7th St., Vincennes, 812/882-5220
Maternal health program aimed at assisting new parents of infants born during the covid epidemic.

Girl Scouts of Southern Indiana
5000 E. Virginia St., Evansville, 812/421-4970
Alternative scouting activities offered virtually during the pandemic. 

Helping His Hands Auto & Food
2011 Willow Sr., Suite B., Vincennes, 812/899-4673
Food bank assistance to families in need along with auto repair assistance for clients in need.

Hope's Voice (Domestic Violence)
1513 S. Wessel Road, Vincennes, 812/899-4673
Broad range of services to assist individuals dealing with domestic violence. 

KCARC Music Therapy Program
2525 N. 6th St., Vincennes, 812/886-4312
New program being implemented at Civitan Center to connect children both cognitively and emotional through music. 

KETA (Kids Equipped To Achieve) , 812/881-8423
Kids provided with school supplies prior to the start of each school year.  Kids get to shop for their choice of items.

LAM (Life after Meth)
105 Broadway, Vincennes, 812/830-8238
Life after Meth provides a voluntary recovery program for inmates of the Knox County jail and transitioning program into the community including employment.

Meals on Wheels - Nutrition Program
1019 N. 4th St., Vincennes, 800/742-9002

Mental Health America - Knox County Chapter , 812/396-8808
Provides education and prevention materials and advocacy for the Mentally Ill population and families including individuals who “fall between the cracks.”

North Knox Social Ministries , 812/735-3262
Provides food, clothing, utility assistance and diaper needs to those in need in the North Knox areas.

Old Towne Players
432 Broadway St., Vincennes, 812/882-8269
Community theatre.

Salvation Army
2300 N. 2nd. St, Vincennes, 812/882-6933
Provides emergency food and utility assistance as well as the United Way’s Charity tracker network and Pathways out of poverty program.

Samaritan Center Parenting Program
515 Bayou Sr., Vincennes, 812/886-6800
Parenting program geared for youth with emotional and behavioral problems.

Stand Up Foundation
2148 S. Robinson Rd., Vincennes,
Provides support and supplies to foster parents in the North Knox area.

SuperMENtors - PACE
525 N.4th St., Vincennes, 812/882-7927
Program geared for older elementary boys in need of male role models and paired interactions.

2009 Prospect Ave., Vincennes, 812/886-3381
Community transportation network connecting individuals with needed social and health services.

Vincennes Community Food Pantry
through PACE scheduling, 812/882-7927
Serves food boxes to families in need scheduled through PACE.

Vincennes YMCA
2010 College Ave., Vincennes, 812/895-3947
United Way provides support for scholarships for individuals and families in need to support the comprehensive services of the YMCA.